This is not a boot camp or a juice cleanse.

Could you or someone you know really use a jumpstart? NoVember is a great way to begin healing your body from what you’ve done so far. Your outer world will always reflect your inner world. Get control of your mental and physical health to optimize your life. Have you ever thought that maybe you aren’ttaking the right supplements? Are you a perfectionist who just can’t choose the right time to start a new diet? Does health coaching seem too expensive or weird? Well now is your chance to try it with nothing to lose!

First schedule two pilates sessions a week for the five weeks of November starting 10.28.18. (Receive a $50 discount for any new 10-pack purchased before 11.3.18.) SCHEDULE HERE*

You will then receive a URL and password to access NoVember coaching.

What is included?

  • I will review the health history that you filled out and send a summary of areas to focus on as well as a personalized weekly list of habits to make, habits to drop, and ways of doing so that will hopefully be less painful than times you’ve tried to change in the past. Hello pantry purge, goodbye wine while cooking dinner (you know who you are...):)

  • Unlimited text and email coaching support. What! I know. Please keep messages between the hours of 5:30am and 8:00pm. :)

  • Also you’ll get helpful printables like my custom planner, progress tracker, travel workout and so much more.

All of this just for purchasing a 10-pack of pilates? Yes! The doctor of the future is the patient. Learn what it takes to get the health you want. This is NoVember! No more inflammation, no more procrastination, and the accountability to stay on track and be super proud of what you have accomplished.

*10-packs do not expire.