About 4 times a year I do an informal evaluation of my goals, likes, dislikes, and ultimately "Who am I?" This happens around New Years, the beginning of Spring, mid-Summer, and now as the weather finally turns to fall. It's so easy to get sidetracked by trends, friends, kids, The British Baking Show...

Right now there are TWELVE weeks until Christmas. It's a great time to make a plan to look and feel better. A plan is often the difference between a goal and a wish. The accountability of putting your exercise on my schedule just might be what you need to seriously stay on track. So- until October 10th, (one week only) I am offering a SERIOUS discount on 12 and 24- pack private sessions. That way you can plan to work out either once or twice a week until Christmas.

Buy a 24 pack and plan to come twice a week until Christmas for $1650* (saving $250,) or get a 12-pack and come once a week for only $850.* 

*One 12 or 24-pack per person.