Your brain, with the help of your adrenals, is your body's thermostat. Also known as the HPA axis, it perceives stress coming from inside or outside of your body and then generates an appropriate response to the stress. And when I say stress, I mean all inputs detected. Everything from your boss yelling at you to not eating enough green vegetables. The HPA axis says, “Hey, we are not getting enough calcium because we never eat collard greens- let’s just pull it out of our bones. We don't need bones anyway since we never really move around too much.” It’s a vengeful thermostat. :) Especially because you don’t always realize you’re doing anything wrong. If you’re a mom, you know you have not been the same since those years of being up all hours with the babies. If you’re a hipster you might wonder how much of a toll your days of partying might have had. You can often tell when you've been drinking too much and sleeping too little. So you pull back on the vino and catch up on your sleep during the weekends. But you might not really know what kind of a toll these inputs have had on the inside of your body.  Hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems can get overly burdened, and over time, if one system starts to fail it will over burden the other and so on.

What other stressors do you deal with? Do you even know? Are you getting enough exercise? Is it the right exercise for your body? Could you have a parasite? Is it possible a bacterial infection is causing your lower back pain?  Man, the possible contributors to poor health are as long as the list of symptoms. And worse is that many diseases and disorders have the same symptoms. Dry skin can be a symptom of celiac disease, poor thyroid function, low estrogen, or even food allergies. Which one is it? All to often health care professionals will write you a prescription after 10 minutes of discussion and send you on your way. Researchers now say that Medical Errors Are No. 3 Cause Of U.S DeathsI did warn you that this was going to be a scary post didn't I? :)

With the current state of our healthcare system more people are starting to become their own health advocate, physically and financially.

Do you know how your body is responding to stress? Modern stressors can be physical, emotional, or chemical/biochemical. With pilates we can get a really good idea for what might be going wrong as seen from the outside. With functional lab testing you can get a pretty good snapshot of what's happening on the inside. When practiced together as a method for metabolic recovery, you can actually start to feel better. How vital are you?

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